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AirPods: Fun With Firmware 2D3

If your struggling to get a replacement AirPod to pair I hope this helps. I recently had the microphone stop working in the left AirPod. Naturally I contacted Apple Support. They were very helpful in sending a replacement.

Replacement AirPod Fail

Wohoo, my replacement arrived. Ooops, it is the wrong firmware. If you havent heard about the problem in detail there is a really good write up on the issue at iMore, and MacRumors. Basically, the firmware on the replacement AirPod is incompatible with the nother old AirPod so they dont pair. Way to go Apple, solid customer service you got there.

I followed the instructions from the very helpful support chat. > "connect the AirPod and listen to music for 30 seconds out of whichever works. Then Put both AirPods in the case, close the lid, put the case on the charger, and let them sit that way 20 minutes. Check the firmware again, and repeat until updated"

After doing that cycle around 15 times with no joy I contacted them again and was transfered to a voice call support tech. At least I think I was. After about 7 minutes on hold the line went dead with me never speaking to anyone. So I gave up on solving the problem that day.

Success, Finally!

The following day I stumbled upon a thread that pointed me in the right direction in the apple user forums.

It wasn's exactly what I needed, but it got me on the right track.

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