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🎉 Announcing ChatBar 🎉

On the 1 year anniversary of ChatGPT it seems like the perfect time to release an app that I've had in development for the better part of a year. Ever since a developer friend got me to try using ChatGPT. At some pointI had a minor epiphany when I threw it a convert this code prompt and it solved the problem. Development started with a simple premise. What if I could have access to ChatGPT from my macOS menu bar? I spent some time and tried out all the ones I could find. I found some that frankly looked to been designed n soviet era Russia. Others were the offensive cross platform abominations that use system resources while doing nothing. Also found other apps that looked great but lacked features that I consider essential for any self respecting macOS app.

Things like:

  • Basic Keyboard shortcuts (e.g. ⌘Q)
  • A resizable window
  • Right click menu when clicking the icon.

So, with that simple list create I decide to build my own. How hard could it be? Just create macOS menu bar app, give it a WebView to load the OpenAi website. Then add in my special sauce of a few keyboard shortcuts, window resizing, and a functional right click menu.

How long could that possibly take? Surely it wouldnt take more that a few weekends to put together.

Learn more here or download a notorized trial version now.

Thanks for reading :-)

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