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About ChatBar

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ChatBar is a simple way to put ChatGPT (or any website) in your macOS menu bar. More than just a web page hanging from the top of your screen. It has been carefully created with numerous convenience features to enhance your productivity. Learn more below.

Web Page


Similar to any browser your familiar with, ChatBar allows forward and backward navigation. Navigate easly using the keyboard shortcuts.

Forward⌘→ or ⌘]
Back⌘← or ⌘[

Open In Browser

⌘O Open the current visible page in the system browser.


There are two ways to reload the window.

Reload PageReloads the current page.⌘R
Reload OriginReloads the page to the saved (aka Home) url.⌘⌃R

Window Size

Adjust the window size through five sizing options including Full Screen using keyboard shortcuts.

Full Screen⌘⌃F


⌥⌘T Use the shortcut or menu item to dispaly a window toolbar with quit and appearance buttons.

Font Size

Adjust the font size on the fly.


Find On Page

⌘F Open a Find On Page bar to search the current page for the given string. Click Done or press ESCto dismiss.

Click Menu

The right click menu is standard for most menu bar applications.
- About: Displays the About window..


The Appearance screen has an interactive GUI for adjusting window and font size. This view also contains candy color buttons on the bottom for viewing Release Notes, Onboarding, and Editing URL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does it do?

A: ChatBar adds a dedicated ChatGPT application to your Mac in the form of a menu bar icon that gives quick acces the ChatGPT website. Here is how it works.

Q: Why doesnt pressing "Enter" or "Return" submit text when window is narrow.

A: This is a function of how the text box on the web page is implemented. Try using "Command + Enter".

Q: Will it work if the website is down?

A: No. ChatBar simply displays a WebView similar to a tab in Safari. As such if the main site is down ChatBar will not work.

Q: Why does clicking a response in the SearchBar cause it to reload?

A: This is a known bug and I plan to address in a future release. For now the reloaded view allows for standard click interaction for copy and cursor selection.

Q: Why doesnt ChatBar have a iMessage style chat interface?

A: ChatBar was built to be a standalone interface to the Chat interface of your choice. The benefit of this is that any updates to those site are reflected immedieatly inside the visible window. This requires less development resources (I'm currently a team of 1). There are currently no plans to enable any additional chat style interface.

Q: Why does ChatBar use so much RAM?

A: ChatBar is essentailly a set of web pages in a application view. Due to this the overall application is directly related to the size of the web page loaded in its view. Limit your interactions to less resource intensive sites to lower memory useage.

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